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Developing Innovative Technology Systems

Online Systems

We approach Business Technology with concepts and tools that are designed to guide any part of an organization or business in utilising information technology to its fullest.

Web & Mobile

Using 21st century advertising tools to create awareness about products and services, broadcasting the benefits of specified products and services, via advertising.

Insights & Controls

Researching and Developing systems that safeguards against inconsistencies and unaccountability to keep businesses in check and on track for efficient performances and growth.


We are RoR experts, but building great products would not be possible without knowledge and extensive usage of many other things, e.g. HaProxy, Nginx, React/Angular, PostgreSQL, Redis, Redshift, AWS, Heroku and many-many more.


Hotelipad Hotel Management System

Easily check your new and repeat guest in, view all information about a guest with a click, all on the same page.

  • -View all checkin financials
  • -Easily receive payment, print receipts
  • -Room Transfers, Extend checkouts
  • -Attach Services, Add guests cost to organisations, conferences etc

Easy Balance

Easy Balance Shop management System

Manage your Retail/Wholesale shop with our point of sale software:

  • -Know when products are expiring
  • -Know when products quantity is reducing
  • -Know when your business is making profit or loss


Ed-master School Management System

Execute Institutional Daily Operations, Generate Insightful Reports and Make Better & Faster Decisions all in one flexble and intuitive system. Edmaster is an online school management system software that simplifies any school's academic & administrative processes effortlessly. It is the trusted choice for schools.

At Softnage we design systems and tools to support start-ups to Multinationals. Our Technology and Management Systems are meant to help our clients maintain a superior position in the marketplace. We put out workable solutions as we are also in the business space, running www.ghkart.com and www.edu-gh.net. We are in the Temple as Native Nerds ensuring Sustainable Business Development.

At Softnage ;

"We Dont Have To Be SMARTER Than THE REST;
Warren Buffett.

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